• Services

    Together we can overcome


    Primary Care: Our clinic provides primary care services in addition to other co-occurring behavioral and medical services needed.


    Substance Use Outpatient Counseling: These services include counseling, individual and group therapy, medical consultations, case management, intervention, and psychiatric services.


    Medical Services

    We provide infectious disease services for HIV-positive persons.

    Hepatitis C (Hep C): We provide testing and treatment for Hepatitis C.



    HIV Testing and Counseling

    Our prevention staff provides FREE confidential rapid counseling and testing services.

    Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI): STD or STI, which are infections that are passed through sexual contact are tested and treated at our clinic. Testing is $45. 


    PrEP & nPEP

    PrEP is offered in our Clinic. This once-a-day pill offers protection and reduces the chances of HIV transmission.

    nPEP is taken within 72-hours of exposure reduces the transmission of HIV after being exposed to the virus.



    Our prevention staff provides educational presentations on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention services.